Another happy Saturday

Another amazing Saturday nearly over…

It is crazy and scary how fast time flies. I do not understand that we are soon entering November, which means that we are close to Christmas. I love Christmas and I can´t wait to go home and see family and friends.

My sister and I decided on Thursday evening that it have been too long and therefore she came on a spontaneous trip to visit me. Yesterday we went out with a few of my friends and today we have just been watching movies and eaten Chinese. Tomorrow we are going for champagne brunch and a then to the cinema with my boyfriend and a few of his friends – so overall, a pretty great weekend!

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I hope you´ve all have had an amazing weekend.

Lots of love from meeee



… my favourite day of the week

The day started with some delicious porridge (as usual) – as it’s Saturday, I allowed myself to add something extra to it: some dark chocolate and fresh strawberries… I don’t know how something so boring as porridge became one of my highlights of the day, I just love it!!!

Mm…. porridge with Almond milk, fruit syrup, cinnamon, dark chocolate and fresh strawberries

I usually start my Saturdays early as I like to get in a crossfit class before my day properly starts. I started crossfit three months ago, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I love it!!

Made some amazing cinnamon rolls last night

Today, all I am going to do is to relax and get myself organised. I haven’t had a ‘free’ weekend in ages and it is so nice sometimes to not have any plans. On my ‘to do list’ is to go through my closet and put some stuff up on eBay. I have just realised how easy and how fun (yes, fun) to sell clothes you don’t use – as well as getting some ‘air’ into the wardrobe…

Autumn flowers brightened up the living room

Well, it’s time to finish up that to-do list!

Have an amazing weekend x