Christmas – Home decorations

When the calendar shows 1st of December – I am going to go mad about christmas. 

I know loads of people already are starting to get into the christmas spirit, however, I do not feel it is christmas before it is December! This weekend the christmas market opened, and I can´t wait to go Ice skating and get some hot chocolate with baileys 😉

I do not own that much christmas decorations just yet – We got a christmas tree, some table decorations and some candles. However, this year I want to go on a mission of getting  the christmas spirit into my home. I am not going to go crazy – but I´ve added a few items on the list such as: some christmas cushion covers, a red table runner, some christmas lights to be placed in the windows. If you are looking for really nice christmas decorations on a budget you should have a look on H&M home and in Søstrene Grene!

I think our christmas tree will fill the living room pretty well (as it soo big).. Yeh, I do have a plastic one.. very not Norwegian of me. However, it is not that common in England to go into the woods and get your own, rather using the same plastic one each year. However, there are some advantages to it such as no needles on the floor. The things I miss about the christmas tree though, is the ‘tree’ smell!


Would love one of these star lights hanging in the kitchen window


3 xmas

I am definitely hosting a christmas meal this christmas – need to try to fit it in as I am going home for 10 days!


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