The last few days..

Time flies..

There has not been many updates from me the last couple of days.. Time just fly by and there is so much going on at the moment so it is hard to keep up with the days. However, the weekend was such good fun. On Friday I ended up studying at home as I didn´t have any lectures on. On Friday evening I had a Halloween party at the CrossFit centre which was sooo much fun. I dressed up as a very boring pumpkin – as my make-up skills are awful. The Saturday was pretty lazy – the night before made me just want to stay in bed and watch TV….

On Sunday I went for a little stroll into town to get some fresh air and some coffee. It is really getting cold outside, I can´t believe that we are already in November. I had no intention of buying anything, however, every time I go into H&M home, I never leave empty-handed. H&M is underrated when it comes to home decor – I think that they got so much nice and minimalistic stuff which I like. I bought “The Green Market” storage box – I already have some of these boxes and thought it made my herbs&spices look a bit neater and tidy. I also bought two candles: One in clean cotton and one in Mahogany – I personally love the Volupsa candle series, however, they are not great for the wallet in the long-run. The H&M scented candles are a great ‘on-budget’ substitute! They´re only 99p and they have a huge range of different scents.

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

I found these earrings in my draw… (probably from 2007 haha).. I thought actually they were pretty cute, and I have seen these sort of earrings appearing in shops recently – I am so bad at throwing away old stuff – but sometimes, things suddenly become fashionable again!!

This was the closest to ‘pumpkin’ make-up that I could do.. First of all, I didn´t have any orange make-up (why would I?) and secondly, I tried the night before of doing something cool out of what I had and I ended up looking like I had been in the sun bed for toooo long………. Soo, some basic pink-ish eyeshadow did its job…

A few pictures of my outfit on Sunday – I quickly figured that the choice of coat was too cold for a late November day.. I feel it went from being hot outside to be abseloutley freezing very quickly.. ahh.. Oh well.


Well that is a qucik summary of what I have been up to the last few days. I have lots of draft posts that I am going to finish off writing hopefully this week!


Have an amazing week!

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