My Top Tips For Self-Development

I have a strong passion and interest about self-development. I know that I want to be the best version of myself by working towards it doing different things. I like to see myself as a Brand. The main aim for a brand is to create brand equity – you want to build up a brand with value, recognition and a strong story. I strongly feel that is applicable to self-development. I have found several methods and things to do to become a better me. I thought I´d share my top tips with you!


  • Don´t be Afraid to Look Yourself in the Mirror

Self awareness is key – as well as social awareness. I strongly believe it is important to be aware of your actions and your speak and understand why some people do not agree to your beliefs or what you say. Self awareness is great as it can be used a tool to recognize your weaknesses and therefore work on making them better. Sometimes it is important to question yourself in certain situations so that you can evaluate it, and perhaps do things differently in the future and to be a better you. Social awareness is a great skill to have – If you can understand why people say what they say and do what they do – you can use it as a tool;  you can be flexible and adapt to people around you and create better and more relationships.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”

  • Educate Yourself 

…. Through books, podcasts, talks, influencers, documentaries etc….. My personal favourite is books and podcasts. I love reading books written by experts in certain areas. On the picture below you can see some of the books in my shelve at the moment (Haven´t read all of them yet, but working on it!). I really enjoyed the book “How to win friends and influence people”, it is a self-help book which sets a lot of focus on self-awareness and how you can win people and influence them. However, it is important that you find areas that you are interested in, otherwise it will not do you any good! I personally have a strong passion about leadership and therefore I go for books that covers areas concerning that.  Podcasts is also something I listen to on a daily basis – some educational, some for fun and some fact based! Same here, try to find something you enjoy listen to!


  • Set Goals and Work Towards Them

Goals is so important. I think that goals are a crucial as an motivational factor and it is something tha makes you passionate. I love to work hard to achieve them and I use goals to make sure that I do what I want to do. The first step of setting a goal is to understand what you want from life – I divide my goals into different areas such as: Gym, University/work, ´To do´s´and general life goals. I have a whiteboard hanging in my bedroom where I write weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Weekly goals can for example be: do 4 CrossFit classes or get in at least 15 library hours. A monthly goal can be; deadlift 100kg and get an A on my essay. The yearly ones can be; participate in a CrossFit competition or/and present business plan. I find it easier to have them written down and to see them everyday when I wake up. It makes me motivated and it creates an inner competitiveness! All those small goals is a start of the overall goal I want to achieve  for myself.



You can self-develop in so many ways. However, this was some of my top tips on how I do self-development and hopefully you found it useful!

Once we accept our limits, we can go beyond them

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