Christmas – Home decorations

When the calendar shows 1st of December – I am going to go mad about christmas. 

I know loads of people already are starting to get into the christmas spirit, however, I do not feel it is christmas before it is December! This weekend the christmas market opened, and I can´t wait to go Ice skating and get some hot chocolate with baileys 😉

I do not own that much christmas decorations just yet – We got a christmas tree, some table decorations and some candles. However, this year I want to go on a mission of getting  the christmas spirit into my home. I am not going to go crazy – but I´ve added a few items on the list such as: some christmas cushion covers, a red table runner, some christmas lights to be placed in the windows. If you are looking for really nice christmas decorations on a budget you should have a look on H&M home and in Søstrene Grene!

I think our christmas tree will fill the living room pretty well (as it soo big).. Yeh, I do have a plastic one.. very not Norwegian of me. However, it is not that common in England to go into the woods and get your own, rather using the same plastic one each year. However, there are some advantages to it such as no needles on the floor. The things I miss about the christmas tree though, is the ‘tree’ smell!


Would love one of these star lights hanging in the kitchen window


3 xmas

I am definitely hosting a christmas meal this christmas – need to try to fit it in as I am going home for 10 days!


This Party Season´s Favourites

Good evening everyone..
I never know how to start a blog post haha.

My favourite time of the year is getting closer – yes you´re right, CHRISTMAS!
I can´t wait for the christmas markets to open and go for many many christmas meals with my friends. This year I am going home to Norway to see my family and my friends, and I am so excited as I have not seen many of them in a year..

However.. Christmas,  I believe is the biggest party season and therefore I wanted to show you my favourites at the moment in the wardrobe! I am going for several christmas parties and meals and I never say no to a chance to dress up a little extra!

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with s1 preset

I love this body from Ganni. I am thinking of adding a lace top underneath as a detail.

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Bracelet from Michael Kors.

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with s2 presetSAMSUNG CSC

Jumpsuit from Selected Femme. 

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Obviously some red for the season!


How to find ‘treasures’ on Ebay

Ebay has recently become one of my favourite online shopping sites. I do not only find great things for my wardrobe, but I also sell stuff that I do not use anymore. It is always someone out there that find your stuff more interesting than you.

However, I will make a separate blog post on how you can make the most out of selling stuff on Ebay. Below you will find my top tips for a great Ebay experience!!!

ebay pink

1. Know what you are looking for

okay.. Maybe not all the time – I must say that most of the time I am just skimming through to see if I find something I like. However, it is hard for a ‘beginner’ to process all the millions of listings on ebay. So start of by filtering.. I usually start filtering down by a brand I like.. this is where you can make great deals… I usually look for brands such as Selected Femme, Ganni and Tiger of Sweden (My personal favourites).. Also make sure you filter down by your size, potential colour, ‘used’ or ‘brand new’ or whether you want to find stuff on auction or whether you prefer to buy it straight away. I personally like the excitement of auctioning. I think you are more likely to do better deals on auction. However, not everyone have the patience of waiting. On the other hand though, sometimes I search for a brand I like and then filter it to ‘ending soonest’ – sometimes you can find great deals having only minutes left on the site and get them straight away for a low price.

I have for example won a brand new jumpsuit from Selected Femme with the retail price of 100 pounds for only 3 pounds as no one else was bidding. Happy days

2. Look at the details

Unfortunately, sometimes great deals are too good to be true. Even though sellers offer great deals, you sometimes end up buying the pig in the poke. So my best advice: take precaution such as; read the descriptions of the items, is it from a smoke-free home, is it fake? and does it has any damage?.. Also look at the sellers rating; I have personally never experienced any bad sellers, however, as any other market place, there are always some. However, I use PayPal which gives you free insurance when you purchase something through them. Also make sure to leave feedback for the seller after as well, as it makes it easier for other customers to gain a better shopping experience on Ebay.  There is also a lot of fake products out there – make sure if you are buying any designer stuff that you ask for validation of the item – for example: do they have the receipt?..  Another important factor is the shipping costs. Usually you have to pay for shipping (some sellers do offer free shipping, make sure you look at that cost). As a seller you have different options; some have next-day delivery which is obviously more expensive than 2nd class – I have in some cases asked the seller to send it 2nd class as I do not mind waiting a couple of extra days if I can save some money.

I  have also heard awful stories about people buying fake branded make-up on eBay ending up getting really bad skin – Please be careful!


3. Tiny things – Big difference

Sometimes you get too carried away on eBay – I know from experience that if you see something really cheap and is a great bargain you buy it even though it might not be something you would have bought in a shop. It might be a bargain – however, you do not necessarily need it. the small sums add up – and instead of throwing a few pounds away, wait until you see something that you really really like.

I use the ‘watch’ button a lot on Ebay – even though I see something I really like – I wait until I have looked through other options and other deals before I place a bid – Because once you´ve put in a bid – there is no way back!!

img_6679.png4. Look For Bundles

This is something I came across recently Bundles. It has become increasingly common for sellers to list their items in bundles. A bundle can for example consist of clothes in a particular size, a brand, or for example gym clothes. Bundles tend to start off at a low price and consist of more products – Win win – you get more for less!


I hope you found some of these tips useful – happy shopping!!!!



Tapas & Wine

Who dosen´t like some wine and dine?

.. Well I do. I went to this amazing tapas restaurant over the weekend. The restaurant´s atmosphere was inspired by the mediterranean and it offered a huge range of different wines and tapas. We started off with some pita bread accompanied with mediterranean dips. Thereafter we chose four different small dishes. I was a little scared that four dishes would not be enough – however, I am soooo glad we only choose four as I could barely walk out of the restaurant after…

Except the amazing tapas experience, I went out with some friends, cleaned and organised the apartment and done the weekly shopping. So overall, a pretty good  weekend.

I got these amazing trousers from H&M the other day due to an expiring gift card. I actually like the bottom cut on and the belt,  I think they make them have that little ‘extra’. I strongly believe that they´ll be used a lot in the upcoming ‘party’ season (YESS CHRISTMAS!).


I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend!!

The last few days..

Time flies..

There has not been many updates from me the last couple of days.. Time just fly by and there is so much going on at the moment so it is hard to keep up with the days. However, the weekend was such good fun. On Friday I ended up studying at home as I didn´t have any lectures on. On Friday evening I had a Halloween party at the CrossFit centre which was sooo much fun. I dressed up as a very boring pumpkin – as my make-up skills are awful. The Saturday was pretty lazy – the night before made me just want to stay in bed and watch TV….

On Sunday I went for a little stroll into town to get some fresh air and some coffee. It is really getting cold outside, I can´t believe that we are already in November. I had no intention of buying anything, however, every time I go into H&M home, I never leave empty-handed. H&M is underrated when it comes to home decor – I think that they got so much nice and minimalistic stuff which I like. I bought “The Green Market” storage box – I already have some of these boxes and thought it made my herbs&spices look a bit neater and tidy. I also bought two candles: One in clean cotton and one in Mahogany – I personally love the Volupsa candle series, however, they are not great for the wallet in the long-run. The H&M scented candles are a great ‘on-budget’ substitute! They´re only 99p and they have a huge range of different scents.

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

I found these earrings in my draw… (probably from 2007 haha).. I thought actually they were pretty cute, and I have seen these sort of earrings appearing in shops recently – I am so bad at throwing away old stuff – but sometimes, things suddenly become fashionable again!!

This was the closest to ‘pumpkin’ make-up that I could do.. First of all, I didn´t have any orange make-up (why would I?) and secondly, I tried the night before of doing something cool out of what I had and I ended up looking like I had been in the sun bed for toooo long………. Soo, some basic pink-ish eyeshadow did its job…

A few pictures of my outfit on Sunday – I quickly figured that the choice of coat was too cold for a late November day.. I feel it went from being hot outside to be abseloutley freezing very quickly.. ahh.. Oh well.


Well that is a qucik summary of what I have been up to the last few days. I have lots of draft posts that I am going to finish off writing hopefully this week!


Have an amazing week!

My Top Tips For Self-Development

I have a strong passion and interest about self-development. I know that I want to be the best version of myself by working towards it doing different things. I like to see myself as a Brand. The main aim for a brand is to create brand equity – you want to build up a brand with value, recognition and a strong story. I strongly feel that is applicable to self-development. I have found several methods and things to do to become a better me. I thought I´d share my top tips with you!


  • Don´t be Afraid to Look Yourself in the Mirror

Self awareness is key – as well as social awareness. I strongly believe it is important to be aware of your actions and your speak and understand why some people do not agree to your beliefs or what you say. Self awareness is great as it can be used a tool to recognize your weaknesses and therefore work on making them better. Sometimes it is important to question yourself in certain situations so that you can evaluate it, and perhaps do things differently in the future and to be a better you. Social awareness is a great skill to have – If you can understand why people say what they say and do what they do – you can use it as a tool;  you can be flexible and adapt to people around you and create better and more relationships.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”

  • Educate Yourself 

…. Through books, podcasts, talks, influencers, documentaries etc….. My personal favourite is books and podcasts. I love reading books written by experts in certain areas. On the picture below you can see some of the books in my shelve at the moment (Haven´t read all of them yet, but working on it!). I really enjoyed the book “How to win friends and influence people”, it is a self-help book which sets a lot of focus on self-awareness and how you can win people and influence them. However, it is important that you find areas that you are interested in, otherwise it will not do you any good! I personally have a strong passion about leadership and therefore I go for books that covers areas concerning that.  Podcasts is also something I listen to on a daily basis – some educational, some for fun and some fact based! Same here, try to find something you enjoy listen to!


  • Set Goals and Work Towards Them

Goals is so important. I think that goals are a crucial as an motivational factor and it is something tha makes you passionate. I love to work hard to achieve them and I use goals to make sure that I do what I want to do. The first step of setting a goal is to understand what you want from life – I divide my goals into different areas such as: Gym, University/work, ´To do´s´and general life goals. I have a whiteboard hanging in my bedroom where I write weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Weekly goals can for example be: do 4 CrossFit classes or get in at least 15 library hours. A monthly goal can be; deadlift 100kg and get an A on my essay. The yearly ones can be; participate in a CrossFit competition or/and present business plan. I find it easier to have them written down and to see them everyday when I wake up. It makes me motivated and it creates an inner competitiveness! All those small goals is a start of the overall goal I want to achieve  for myself.



You can self-develop in so many ways. However, this was some of my top tips on how I do self-development and hopefully you found it useful!

Once we accept our limits, we can go beyond them